Any good, decently priced salons in NYC?
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Haircut time! Where should I go in NYC, that isn't too expensive and won't make me cry?

I saw a previous question like this, but it was from 2 years ago so.... can anyone suggest a good hair salon in NYC, preferably North Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan?

I used to go to Mousey Brown in Greenpoint but had a bad experience there last year (if anyone remembers my sad "Help me not look like Prince Valiant" question).

I'm not looking for anything crazy - just a chin length cut with layers and shaping (although I do have the thickest hair on earth). I would prefer to pay $60 at the most.
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The $60 bucks makes it a tiny bit harder.

I recommended Lovemore and Do last time, but they've gotten insanely busy recently, and I paid $75 for my last haircut a few weeks ago. They do great work.
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I'm tremendously loyal to tiny K.E. Haas on the Lower East Side. I've been to Mousey Brown and Woodley & Bunny and Commune and all of the trendier Brooklyn places, but they just don't do it for me. My wavy hair's crazy thick and Lizzie's the only person I know who can layer/razor/whatever it without making it look like a choppy 90s-sitcom disaster. It's probably about $75, though.
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I have a GREAT GUY in Gramercy park, and he charges $20. No kidding. The place is called Best Cuts, it's on 2nd Avenue and 23rd, I think? Or 34th. Anyway it's near the 6 train.

My guy is Carlos. He's great. Also, I have very thick hair in a bob. And he's fast. And you can get an appointment without it being a major deal.

The thing is, you MUST bring a picture. Not like they'll kill you if you don't, but because it's not a chichi salon, he won't have some grand idea of what your hair SHOULD look like and you'll have to end up doing basically a sketch-artist description of what you want.

I can't recommend them highly enough. You must try them--I tried expensive places and wasn't happy (and felt ripped off) and I loved this place. Loved it.
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V Salon in Chinatown-- they are really good and haircuts are only 35 bucks, including a wash and blowout.
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If you can go south a bit, I like La Belle in Park Slope. Usually about $40.
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I think chin length would qualify you for Crops for Girls. I've been there a few times and I've been very happy- I always get EXACTLY what I ask for (so make sure you're good with your words and/or bring a picture).
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Ooh, ooh, it's not exactly downtown but try Salon Moscow on 80th and 1st in Manhattan! It's great for cut and color, and for cut only it should be in your price range. The owner is a very nice man and an excellent stylist. I moved to London 2 years ago and now pay through the nose for my haircuts, but they're never as good as before. Sigh.
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Response by poster: yay, thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll update with which one I choose.
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I used Best Cuts last month at supercoollady's recommendation. Carlos doesn't work there any more. Zhanna did my hair - and sure enough, the cut was just $20. She was excellent, took her time. With a blow dry ($38 for my long hair) it took a full hour. They use Moroccan Oil styling products. And touch-ups on bangs are free.
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