Awesome karaoke in Boston?? (2012)
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Boston Karaoke Redux: Last asked in 2008, it seems DoReMi and Limelight are still the two box karaoke places to be at in the Boston area. Which one do you go to in 2012?? I ask this again because various yelp-type reviews may have changed the lay of the land.

The interesting topics of those reviews are that:
- The new iPad controls from Limelight are buggy
- DoReMi has been repainted and refurbished so it is less "divey"
- The DoReMi staff are uniformly panned, and the staff at Limelight well-reviewed
- Various complaints about unexpected surcharges (both, and who knows if this is the client's fault or the venue's...)
But is any of this true? Are these crazy clients or technophobes? It's so much easier to trust AskMe.

Location does not matter to me, and I don't need *new* songs but I do like a good variety.
I am not a sound snob but do expect the equipment to work.
The food and liquor situation does not interest me.

I have been spoiled by experiences in Asia, but have to do this in the US.

Bonus question: Minneapolis, DoReMi or Boomtown?
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Best to edit a third time: various reviews suggest that the conditions have changed. Rather than the reviews themselves causing the change. But you understood me the first time.
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I went to DoReMi last month with a group of friends. It was okay, but I wasn't blown away. Equipment worked; room had dance lighting; okay song selection. Counter staff weren't particularly friendly, but neither were they rude. Overall, a solid meh.
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For a variety of personal scheduling reasons, I did not end up doing karaoke in Boston, but I did in Minneapolis.

Should anyone find the thread looking for Minneapolis info, I went to DoReMi Karaoke in Eagan (unrelated to the one in Boston I assume) and had a good time. If I lived in the area, I would go again. Another member of our group immediately started planning a 20-person party to go back. A few notes on the experience:

* The small room (8 people) was $24 an hour; most online info is a few years old and still lists $20.
* DoReMi is somehow affiliated with Hoban Korean restaurant next door. If you have dinner at Hoban, you get 20% off of the karaoke. Our food was good, particularly the namul (maybe it's just cause I love namul) and the jun (seafood). The meet in the beef bulgogi was a little tough.
* Service for both Hoban and DoReMi was good: quick help with questions, good explanations of foods and the karaoke features
* The room we were in got hot, dress appropriately.
* The interface is in Korean, but you can learn the important functions quickly.
* Most of the songs are in Korean, but there is of course a good number of English songs, arranged by title in the books (or you can search on the karaoke box itself).

There is a second location on Oak St in Minneapolis proper, which previous reviews indicate is run by the same people.
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