How to dispose of an unwanted Hookah
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Somehow I've inherited a very tall (around 5 feet), very heavy hookah that was brought over from the middle east (UAE). I don't want it but don't know what to do with it. It's been in an attic for the past 20+ years so it hasn't been used in a very long time. It could be worth a lot or a little, I just don't know. Are there any concerns I should have if I try to sell it? Paraphernalia laws that could get me in trouble? As far as I know it is meant for tobacco but could possibly be used for other stuff.
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The legal repercussions are... nothing basically. (There's a clear exemption in federal law, which as you know governs interstate commerce: "any item that, in the normal lawful course of business, is imported, exported, transported, or sold through the mail or by any other means, and traditionally intended for use with tobacco products, including any pipe, paper, or accessory.")IANAL

But have you considered alternative uses? An old piece like that may be worth more as an art piece (I mean, IDFK what it looks like but), or as the foundation of some other functional device (Lamp stand, if you're crafty)
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Really depends on what we've got here, so a picture would be quite helpful. If it's cheap, it's likely not worth much. But as it was imported from the Middle East some time ago, it's possible it was made with valuable materials, e.g., silver, ivory, etc.

I'd consider getting the thing appraised. Likely worthless, but possibly some value there.
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Might there be a meetup group that is specifically interested in hookah's? I have no idea, but you might check. And then ask folks there what their opinion is (bonus, you might find a buyer more quickly than just making a random post on CL).
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Yes, please post a photo!
you shouldn't have any problems given its for tobacco use only.
I have a couple of shishas and they can be quite valuable depending on where its from, craftsmanship, quality, materials and what not.

If you are worried you can always clean it, but again it shouldn't be a problem.
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Response by poster: The main reason I want to be rid of it is we are moving and I'm trying to lighten our load. I'm not crafty at all so making it into something artful is a great idea, but not for me.

I'll post a link to some pics tonight. Thanks all for your responses so far.
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Response by poster: Here's a link to the photos.
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I'm no appraiser, but that looks like a piece of junk to me.
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Response by poster: I'm no appraiser, but that looks like a piece of junk to me.

Haha, could be, like I said I know nothing about the value.
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