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I promised to take my girlfriend, soon to head overseas for a year, to a really nice restaurant in Melbourne on Friday night before she leaves. 24 hours should be enough to book in to Movida, right? Apparently not...

It has to be tomorrow night, and I haven't made a booking anywhere. Oops. Does anyone have a suggestion for a restaurant in the Melbourne CBD that might be likely to take a booking with 24 hours notice, that's fairly upscale?
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Best answer: Bribe the maƮtre d.
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Try Gingerboy, you might get a table.

Mamasita is great and doesn't take bookings, but you will have to arrive before 5.30, or wait until around 9.

Otherwise try Cutler & Co which is just out of the CBD (86 tram) but also fantastic.
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Not sure if it is upscale enough for you but Albert St Food and Wine in Brunswick might be worth a crack. Myself and the rather new ms deadwax went there without a booking (they were booked out but keep some two and three seat tables and the bar free) a couple of weeks ago and we were very impressed. Excellent food, good, filling, portion sizes (we are both small eaters) and good service.

Friends that have gone have had similar experiences.

I'll second Cutler & Co on reputation and friend's recommendations but have not been there myself.
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There are plenty of spots in the city that may be able to accommodate you...

Try out Il Bacaro for a very nice Italian.

There's always The Press Club.

Then you can move down to Crown on Southbank and try out Nobu for Japanese (it's a bit loud in there) or Rockpool.

Scusa Mi in Southgate is very nice.

For some out of the way areas, you can try MOO (Money Order Office) which is in an alley near the corner of Little Bourke and Elizabeth - behind the new GPO. It's known for its wine but the food can be delicious.

If you are willing to tram or train it to south yarra, they have some great restaurants near there. France Soir is a great little French place that I booked at 12 hours notice once...

That should get you started - I'll keep thinking
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Boire on smith st in collingwood is a very awesome, very tasteful French bistro and wine bar with a romantic atmosphere, interesting food and glorious wines. They don't take bookings and I've never had an issue getting a table. Ask the proprietress Katarine to pair wines to your food if you're into that kind of thing. And they'll never rush you through your meal.
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Here's a list that may be helpful. Depending on what you consider to be "really nice", you can expand the search to include lower priced options.

Good luck!
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Sorry, forgot to mention that it's only ten minutes by tram from the cbd.
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GAS or Rockpool in southbank are great.

Also recommend the new Vue du monde,

Longgrain though they don't take bookings & Friday is a busy night for them.
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Best answer: I think Movida is booked up weeks in advance. Try Coda, had a fabulous lush work lunch there a while ago. I think we booked fairly close to the day. Also, recently went to Henry and the Fox, excellent service and great food.
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Longrain was quite possibly the best meal I've ever had. Every single thing is delicious!
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Response by poster: Thank you for your suggestions - my panic subsided a little after I made a few phone calls and found that not every nice place in town is fully booked weeks in advance (I don't do the restaurant thing much). I did end up booking a table at Henry and the Fox, thanks AnnaRat. I found your article interesting also flimflam, thanks.
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