Help me develop my Spring uniform!
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I need a Spring/Summer uniform!

This winter I started wearing what I called my winter uniform. It consisted of boots, leggings, cotton dresses of various colors/styles (mainly Old Navy or Lands' End), cardigans, and scarves. Now it's quickly turning to Spring and I need a new uniform. I like not having to think too much about what I'm going to wear tomorrow, and loved just being able to mix and match without much stressing about it.

I need some ideas for a spring uniform. The dresses I have are too heavy for spring, and on some days the leggings have been too warm. In the summer I can just wear different dresses and sandals, but right now it's too cold for that.

Ideas please! I'm a size 18/20. Thanks!
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Summer dresses with cardigans!
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My favorite autumn/spring look (which is now my year-round look as I live in a mild climate): ballet flats, skinny or cuffed jeans, a flowy top, cute cardigan and a nice necklace. I find this is pretty good for spring.

You can also do summer dresses with cardigans and boots, no leggings, for spring. And then in the summer, just lose the boots and the cardigan.

Oh, and mid-length skirts, of course.
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I love your winter uniform.
It's autumn here and I've been wearing leggings to just below the knee with flats or wedges, an a-line knee length skirt and short sleeved tops with fitted cardigans. If it chills a bit, I replace the wedges with boots (that come up to the leggings) and pop on a scarf.
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I have a similar size and a similar style (though admittedly my summer uniform is cuter). When the weather gets warm, I wear a lot of pencil skirts, mostly jean or khaki (or Old Navy's variations on such -- navy blue, grey) and solid shirts. This is really easy to accessorize with scarves, jean jackets or cardigans, etc.

I have been considering the leggings-under-skirts look. You might try some sort of clogs or ballet flats (though I don't personally like flats).
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I like capri pants + short-sleeved top + cardigan or denim jacket.

I need to go shop for more capris.
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No capri / cardigan looks! That screams soccer mom and isn't cute at all on this of us that aren't a size six.

Skirts / light dresses + cardigan (smaller cardigans are better here) + flats. I basically have the same winter uniform as you and this has never steered me wrong.
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Shirt dresses!!!!!

+ boots and tights, flats or heels and light scarves. Cropped sweaters and shrugs can be included depending on the cut of the shirt dress.

Buy one in black, navy and ecru and you have outfits for weeks.
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I'd wear the same dresses (or lighter dresses), but swap out the leggings for sheer tights and patterned tights - I love - lots of plus size options, and awesome customer service.

You can still wear scarves - just wear lighter-weight scarves. Or skip them entirely if it's warm day.

I wear boots in the spring, but flats are another good option.
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Washable linen pants and skirts, sleeveless sweater sets, washable linen jackets
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3/4 sleeve cardigans, camisoles or tees, A line or flared skirts to the knee, ballet flats or closed toe wedges.
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(example of the cardigan/skirt look I mean)
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