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What iPad 3 case should I get?

I have an original iPad with the black Apple cover. I am familiar with the Apple Smart Cases and they are ok, but in general I just remove it to use the iPad. What I like about the old case is the way I can prop it on my lap (like right now) where the triangle thing on the smart case just hinges or pops loose. I also like that the old case provided a grippy back and sides which suited my irresponsible uses *cough* in the bath *cough*. Googling for iPad cases just leads me to a crazy selection of questionable covers. So can anyone recommend a cover that they really like and might suit me? I'm in Canada so anything off Amazon is easy for me to get, other sites can be touch and go.
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I have a Speck Candyshell and think it is great. It is grippy on the inside cover, so when you were using it, that would be to the back of the ipad. The triangle thing is as you describe, but it doesn't have magnets (I think of this is a good thing, since who knows what magnets will do to my ipad over time).
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I snagged the latest Otterbox, but I'm on the road a bit so I wanted something pretty well armored.

There are nearly endless options out there, and it seems like many of the Ipad 2 cases will fit the new one, might just have to browse around a bit an hit a store to figure out what styles of case you like.
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