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Best apartment/townhouse/condo rental site for a move to Milwaukee, WI?

(my previous question about moving to Milwaukee)

It's been a while since I've moved cities, much less states or regions, and I'm at a bit of loss on where to begin looking. Aside from the Marquette and UW-M sites -- which are regrettably geared towards student housing -- where else should I be looking? The last time this was asked there weren't many answers, unfortunately.

As a secondary question, when do I need to start looking for the Milwaukee market? It's been somewhat difficult for me to find listings where the availability isn't "immediately." Is one or two months ahead of move-in enough time?
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craigslist. Also in my neighborhood- Bay View, many places will just put up a sign in front. One to two months is enough, but you may find a place that is available for further out.
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Response by poster: Bay View is actually where we'd like to move -- I guess I can go the "apartment wanted" route on craiglists and hope for good results.
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Padmapper is pretty useful. It lists Craigslist,, and other sources on a map.
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I'll keep an eye out. Bay View is an excellent and popular place to live. Apartments accordingly seem to rent quickly, so if you find something you like.. don't hesitate.
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There is a place for rent (with a sign out) near us. It is typical Milwaukee two flat. I believe it is the upper. It is in the 3400 block of either Indiana or Pennsylvania. If you want me to memail you the number let me know.
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Seeing that you said "cheap" then you are better off foregoing most online sites and go to Craigslist first if you are far away. If you can get to Milwaukee, then it is more worthwhile to drive the neighborhoods, look for For Rent signs and start calling. It also depends on how cheap you want.
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craigslist is where we found our Bay View apartment. Also just drive around. There's not much on Superior lately (which is the way I drive to work), but Delaware or Wentworth is a good bet. Our rent is high for the area, but we have a 3 br upper with a HUGE attic and a 1.5 car garage + parking slab, and a sliver of a view of the lake. Plus we're right next to the park.

I'm 75% sure I saw something on Russell, near Groppi's Grocery (you will gain weight living here). I'll confirm on my way home.

You might also check out Zillow, which is mainly geared towards houses for sale, but also has rental listings. (The Bay View zip is 53207.)

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll keep my eye out. My landlord owns several properties and he's a pretty good guy.
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Response by poster: My department will pay for a house-hunting trip, but I'm skittish about going up without a few addresses already in mind. We want to move up at the end of June / beginning of July.

dejardins's place actually sounds like pretty close to exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for all your help! I'll get looking.
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