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How can I add rss feeds like my Audioscrobbler feed, or my delicious feed into my website and make it so its instantly updated on a refresh? I'm currently using, but I want things like my current playlist to update live. Please try to provide a simple or step by step answer as my rss wis a little slow.
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I've had good luck with feed2js. There are instructions on the site. It consists of giving them your feed and pasting a bit of code into your site. Easy-peasy. It will update live via refresh, but often takes a few minutes. I can show you the page I have running off of it, if you're interested.

You said your RSS skills are "a little slow" but I'll point out magpie rss which uses PHP to do what you are after. The advantage here, if you go through the coding, is that it will be hosted on your server, rather than one that is beyond your control.
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I'd strongly advise NOT having your feed update on refresh. Many sites explicitly state that pulling their feeds on every page load is a violation of their rules. Cache your feeds for at least 30 minutes.

That said, as ArcAm points out, Magpie will do the trick. There are good directions here.
posted by kables at 6:05 PM on July 11, 2005, and many other feed providers, considers a one-to-one ratio of hits on your page to their page abusive. The caching system saves lots of bandwidth, so without a cache the number of hits to your page becomes important - you might get throttles or banned.

That said, what you want to do is disable the cache on an rss grabber. You'll probably have to host the script yourself, and you will probably want to *only* have feeds you feel comfortable hitting one-to-one on that script. magpie or something like feedonfeeds (based on the magpie engine) would be able to that. The code is well commented, so you'd look in the script for the part that say WARNING YOU PROBABLY DON'T WANT TO DISABLE THIS or something to that effect.

Beaten to the punch on preview, i post this anyhoo.
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I tried doing this for Audioscrobbler with Magpie and other RSS parsers and it just wouldn't work. From what I can tell their feeds either are not complient or Magpie (and everyone else too...) just couldn't read them. I could get to work with one tool, but that tool wouldn't parse audioscrobbler. I'd try another tool and wouldn't work either... It drove me nuts and I gave up...
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I was just able to create an AS feed using their RSS 2.0 compliant feed (were you trying the RDF, pwb?) and the feed2js service, so that's def possible.
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FeedSweep and RSS Digest are nice, too.
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