Web sites with entries that take 5 minutes or less to read
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Looking for websites I can check on my non-smartphone at work.

I have a Kyocera phone from Virgin Mobile that can run Opera Mini. I can only browse the Web, so no games or Flash sites will work. The company locks down the Web access pretty tight, and I'm running out of ways to keep myself amused during downtime.

What I'd prefer is sites I can check using Opera's RSS reader. Ideally, the sites will have entries that can be read in 5 minutes or less. The RSS requirement isn't firm, just a preference.

I don' t care about the subject, as long as it's interesting. Thanks!
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Neil Gaiman's journal
has been pretty fascinating to me even though I've never read one of his books.

State history websites' RSS feeds (this day in history-type stuff, some great essays can be found; I live in California but I like historylink.org for example)

Latest Netflix streaming titles RSS feed

Local newspaper items

Longform RSS feeds (Editor's Picks or full-site feed)
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Until a recent upgrade, I had your phone. Metafilter worked fine on it.

Also - a real Android phone is only $99 from VM - and you can keep your existing voice and data plans.
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Futility Closet.
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Now I Know! -- nominally an email newsletter, but you can get a daily RSS feed here.
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Don't get me wrong, I love reading MeFi. But it's tough for me to follow a discussion without having seen the link being talked about.
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