Does tiled PC desktop wallpaper still exist?
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Anyone know a good source of tiled wallpaper backgrounds for a computer desktop?

I mostly use a PC nowadays, but I remember back on some of the earlier color macs you were pretty much confined to wallpapers of at most 64 pixel repeating patterns. Or maybe not, but I think that's what I seem to recall. Anyway, I still find it more aesthetically pleasing than most fullscreen wallpapers. There are thousands of hideous full-screen wallpaper sites replete with spyware, but I can't seem to find a site that provides a repository of tile-style wallpaper backgrounds.
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Three biggies:
Squidfingers, k10k, and Taz's site.

I've also found VladStudio (was SoftShape) and Veer to have pleasant, high-quality non-tiled wallpapers.
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Other good suggestions last time this question was asked.
But it is an excellent question, as I always forget to bookmark these sites so I lose them right away.
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This page has a buncha damask wallpaper patterns.
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This site has some nice ones: Eos

Nowhere near as simplified as a Mac background, but I really like the Propaganda tiling backgrounds too.
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I've always liked Deviant Art, which has a fair amount of interesting stuff on it from wallpapers to icons and skins for various applications. Be warned the site can be slow as mud sometimes.
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Thanks a lot everyone; and sorry- I had no idea it had been asked (and so recently) I tried searching "tiled wallpaper" and "tiled background" but the original didn't ask in the same way. My bad.

But uh, nevertheless, these are some great sites- exactly what I was looking for.
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PixelDecor hasn't been mentioned, and they have a nice assortment of background tiles.
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You could always make your own. I remember (iirc) using Paint Shop Pro and making my own tiled wallpapers - no limit to pixel size.

There were ones where "wow, that's sweet - it looks like one *big* picture" and then there were a lot of "ugh, you can see the meld lines."
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If you like tiled wallpapers, Don Barnett makes lots of lovely tiles that are available for download as shareware.
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An amazing list from all these links. Thanks.
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I meant to reply to this in a timely fashion, but then it whoosed off the front page and I forgot. and Totally Tesselated, for two, have lots of tesselations that work nicely as tiled background images. It's easy to find more by googling for 'tesselation.'
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