Help me mail my bagels
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How can I ship bagels from NYC to Middle America with maximum tastiness?

I want to send some NYC bagels to a friend halfway across the country. I want them to still taste fresh. I want it not to cost too much money. How to accomplish this? Has anyone done it and do you have some tips and tricks for me? TYIA.
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Step 1: Buy mini-bagels at Absolute on 108th Street

Step 2: Pack bagels in vacuum-sealable bag (flush with inert gas if you can)

Step 3: Fast shipping

The reality is that, no matter what you do, they're going to be "toaster bagels" by the time your friend gets them
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Never done this, but I've revived somewhat-stale bagels by running some water over them and baking them at 350 for about 10 minutes. Maybe your friend can do the same on the other side.
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Fedex early am overnight from Zabar's. Sure, it'll cost, but it's BAGELS.
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Buy bagels as early in the morning as you can, pack them in a brown paper bag inside a sealed zip-top, overnight them for AM delivery. I used to live in the Midwest and every once in a while received NYC bagels from friends and family this way; they were still excellent and fresh-tasting.
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I've received Montreal bagels in Alberta using shamash's technique and they were great.
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