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What is the best "idea management" or "innovation management" software?

I'm looking for a web or cloud based idea management software which has the following functionality:

1. Allowing anonymous users to submit ideas or questions as posts to a moderated queue
2. Allowing the moderator to approve posts
3. Allowing others to comment on the post (with the ability for a moderator to screen comments before they go live)

Added benefits would be:
1. If there could be verified users or the ability for a moderator to star comments.
2. If I could block search engines from indexing this, or restrict it to a certain IP

I have seen Brightidea WebStorm, Spigit, and a few others online. I've seen Brightidea WebStorm function in almost the way that I'd like, but have no experience with Spigit or any other similar tools. If you know the general cost of the product that you'd recommend, that would be helpful, too!
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Google Moderator can do this. If you have a Google Apps domain, you can restrict it to your organization too.
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Best answer: Backpack and Campfire from 37signals.
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Best answer: No idea if this covers the bases, but I was recently part of a similar conversation where these were proposed: Intuit Brainstorm, User Voice, and Get Satisfaction. I have not used nor deeply researched any of them. They might be more appropriate for professional communities, as opposed to anonymous users, though.
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