handcarved wedding band
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ok, so I while back you guys advice and buying a wedding ring. So I got this awesome cool handcarved wedding ring from an antique store. It is 18K gold band with a handcarved design of laurel and berries....but I only got one. So how do I go about getting a duplicate made (larger) that would fit me? I have talked to jewelers and the are very vague. I live in SE MI area.
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I recommend trying to find a silver- or goldsmith. A good one should be able to discuss what you want and give you a reasonable estimate of what it would cost to make it. Personally I'd consider changing the design to make the new ring complimentary instead of identical. Then they're a one-of-a-kind set. Your silversmith should be able to help you with ideas.

I found a silversmith in Tucson (Sam Patania) who makes incredible stuff, and was able to work within my budget and was happy to use my ideas to create a couple of rings (and later, matching earrings) for my SO. I don't know if all silversmiths are as good as he is, or if I was just lucky.
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You're looking for a goldsmith or whitesmith. There's a difference between one of these and a jeweler.
(as ldenneau sez)
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Thirded on the goldsmith.
This fellow is the father of a friend of mine. He seems to do work similar to what you've already got. So it may not be that hard to find someone.

No-where near MI, though.
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There's a company called Quest Manufacturing that does custom work and a REALLY fair. They're out of VA, but do most of their orders long distance. They use a CAD, wax modeling technique that allows them to duplicate other pieces easily. I have a friend who got a duplicate of a vintage ring to fit her diamond based on a photograph.
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