Bracketology- Blown up!
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NCAA Tourney Filter: I want to blow up bracket (lets say 5 by 10 feet) to put on my wall. I'd love to just be able to print using my home printer. What are my best free options? I have a MS Office.
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You could try The Rasterbator. I don't know how well it will handle text, and I'm only familiar with using the old web-based version, not the downloadable, but it's free so maybe worth a shot?
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Must it be all on one sheet? Some black electrical tape carefully applied would make a good bracket skeleton and individually printed out sheets of paper with the school logo attached to each seed slot would work, with the added bonus of being able to manually move the winning team on to the next matchup.
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Convert the bracket to a PDF. Print it large, real large, through Acrobat. Not sure about Windows, but in Mac versions Acrobat reader has a tiled "Poster" setting in the print dialog box.
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Best answer: +1 for The Rasterbator. I would recommend converting it to PDF first, so that the tool thinks it's a photo or image and blows it up accordingly.

Metafilter: Blowing it up accordingly.
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As in Mac, Acrobat in Windows lets you print a tiled Poster. You assemble the printed sheets and tape or glue them together.
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