No Glee in Mudville
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Our new Kindle Fire is great, but it tells us we need to update our Flash Player when we want to watch Glee. If I try to DL the new file from the Adobe message, it seems to stall right after it starts. If I go to settings, it shows that Flash is " Always on". I haven't tried any other shows on FOX, but it seems to work fine for NBC stuff. Any Ideas?
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Are you watching from the FOX site or are you watching it from Amazon?
I've found that the Kindle Fire makes it notoriously difficult to do pretty much anything that isn't amazon-based.
Having said that, it might be worth installing a different browser and using it, rather than the amazon supplied Silk browser.
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I was watching from the Fox site, because Amazon didn't have the current episode up. If we changed browsers would the Amazon Store still work ? We watch lots of Amazon videos, so I'd rather not screw that up.
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I don't think you'll be able to update the flash player on your Fire by going to the Adobe site.

Is the Kindle itself up to datee? (Go here to check.)
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Yup. I have the most recent version. This thing is only 2 weeks old. Maybe it just doesn't play nice with everyone.
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I don't have any advice for you, except to say that I've been having the EXACT same problem with my 3 year old MacBook, on both the Fox site and Hulu. My mother, who has the same computer, has had no such problems...I have no idea what's causing it, but it's apparently not just the Kindle, and not just my computer either.
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The Android flash player doesn't support all content. The update that Adobe is trying to send to you is probably not even for Android.
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Should you install a new browser, the amazon store will work just fine. You're basically just adding another 'app' to the Fire. Should you decided not to use it, or it doesn't solve your problem, you can uninstall it, no worries.

I've heard good things about the Dolphin HD Browser.

Make sure you've got your Fire set to accept and install 3rd party apps.
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Thanks guys. I may try Dolphin, but I have to run that idea by the boss tonight !
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Good luck!
Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire is just a glorified amazon shopping/watching/reading experience. I own one, love it (just read ebooks) but if I'd known how locked down and stripped it was, I'd probably have waited for Google's rumored Nexus tablet or a 7" iPad that may or may not exist in about a year.
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