Choral group in Werner Herzog films
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Maybe my favorite aspect of Werner Herzog's Encounters at the End of the World is the soundtrack, specifically whatever choral group is singing through out the film. For some reason I can't find information on who they are, and it doesn't appear that soundtracks were released. Anybody know who this group is and where I can find their music? I believe he used them in Cave of Forgotten Dreams as well.
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Best answer: IMDB lists the Nederlands Kamerkoor as musicians (under "full cast and crew") for Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Searching indicates "Kamerkoor" = Chamber Choir. Nederlands Kamerkoor website.
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Response by poster: Thanks, LobsterMitten! That appears to be the group (sadly they only seem to sell 20 Euro CD's instead of mp3 downloads...). Although the second song on this page is pretty much what I love about them, if anyone has anymore suggestions!
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Ah, great, glad to hear it!
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Response by poster: Thanks b1tr0t, downloading at this very moment!
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In Wild Blue Yonder and White Diamond, Herzog used a Senegalese singer and a group of Sardinians to similar effect. In fact, Herzog was recently at the Brooklyn Academy of Music talking about the scores to those and other movies of his. Great discussion. You might be able to find a video of it online.
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not the same, but if you're looking for interesting choral music, check out the Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir, or choral groups performing their work.
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