How do I get my universal remote working properly?
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(UK based) I'm using a Universal Remote, the One for All URC-7960, and have run into a SCART/HDMI problem.

I have a television, Freesat box, and a DVD player. The Freesat box is connected to the TV via SCART, whilst the DVD player is connected via HDMI (the television only has one HDMI socket).

Currently, when I want to watch a movie on the DVD player, I have to change the source from SCART to HDMI, then use the DVD select or the TV select separately. The Watch Movie function doesn't appear to work as I have to switch that input.

Has anyone else run into this problem, or know how to solve it?
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The JP1 forums are going to be the best place to ask: there's potentially a TV-specific set of codes to change the input that you can use to hack the functionality.
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