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My Latin is very rusty: "Et in perpetuum, frater, ave et vale." is a quote from Catullus. If I substitute filius or amicus do they become vocative, and thus filii and amici? Help.

I want to adapt this classic epitaph to say, "Et in perpetuum, [son], [brother], [friend], ave et vale. OR Et in perpetuum ave et vale, son, brother, friend.

Usually vocative and nominative are the same so I can't tell if frater is vocative, and if so do filius and amicus change form when they are in the vocative?
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I can't help you with the grammar, but assuming it becomes vocative: Frater remains frater, filius becomes fili, amicus becomes amice.

If this is for something permanent (e.g. a tattoo), consider paying the $30 to have an expert review it.
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Should be 'fili' and 'amice'.
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1. Yes they become vocative.
2. The vocative of filius is fili and amicus amice.

So I agree with jedicus and gimonca, but note also that the quotation is 'atque in perpetuum, frater, ave atque vale' - i.e. you have et's where you should have atque's.
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Yes and no. The vocative of frater is frater, the vocative of filius is filii and the vocative of amicus is amice.
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the vocative of filius is filii.

This is not true. See Allen and Greenough, paragraph #49c: "Proper names in -ius have -í in the vocative, retaining the accent of the nominative: as, Vergi'lí. So also, fílius, son; genius, divine guardian: as, audí, mí fílí, hear, my son."

It's the form Catullus uses too:
Cat. 33.2: Vibenni pater et cinaede fili
Cat. 33.8: fili, non potes asse venditare?
Cat. 37.8: cuniculosae Celtiberiae fili,
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I believe that amice would break the meter of the original poem.
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dd42 is correct, filii is vocative for the plural of filius.
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