White noise on one speaker
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One of the rear surround outputs on my receiver causes any speaker that's plugged into it to constantly produce a quiet but noticeable sound of static or white noise. What could be causing this?

I've tried switching the speakers and wiring that are plugged in, but the problem always happens with whatever speaker is plugged in to that output. Adjusting the volume or muting the receiver does not affect the volume of the white noise at all, but plugging headphones into the receiver so it goes on bypass causes it to go away entirely.

The automatic adjustment program on the receiver also thinks that that speaker is further away than it actually is - not sure if that's because the white noise is drowning out the signal or if the signal it's producing is also quieter than it should be.

The receiver's still under warranty, so I could always see about getting a warranty repair. Before I do that, though, is there anything obvious I'm missing to troubleshoot or fix this?
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You have a grounding issue on that circuit.
posted by goblinbox at 2:36 PM on March 13, 2012

Best answer: You already did your troubleshooting and found that the problem follows the output, not the speaker. You have a bad port, so get it fixed under warranty.
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I'm actually in agreement with goblin box. That sound like a ground issue. Have you tried a different circuit?
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If it were a grounding issue the noise would appear on all outputs, not just one.
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It sounds like a bad solder connection somewhere on the line of that single output. If it's still under warranty then have them take a look. Since it's just the one channel it's a problem with the receiver. To triple confirm this if you really want to, unplug all inputs and have the receiver generate a test tone which should still have a problem on that same output.
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