UK immigration and Knowledge of Life
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Does anyone have any experience with UK immigration and the Knowledge of Life exam?

This is an insanely specific question about UK immigration, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere -- even from UK immigration itself. I know you aren't my lawyer, but it's the kind of thing that personal experience might help me with.

So, here goes. I have a settlement visa in the UK, that I got from a UK embassy (rather than directly from the Home Office). I was entitled to the visa being permanent, but it is only for two years, subject to being permanent after I had taken and passed the "Knowledge of Life" exam. (I know, I know.)

So I took the test, passed it -- and now I have no idea how to convert my visa to a permanent one. I already paid the hundreds of pounds for the visa, and the website seems to indicate that I would have to pay this again, which just can't be right.

Has anyone done this before? Made a settlement visa permanent after taking the KOL test? Any help or direction would enormously appreciated.

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Yes, you have to pay for another visa. My husband did this last year. All you need to show at the visa interview is the KOL pass certificate, and pay another thousand pounds.
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I am assuming that you had the FLR (further leave to remain) visa before, which must now be converted into the ILR (indefinite leave to remain). I did this last year and yes, it's very expensive. Feel free to MeMail or ask here if you want more details on how to go about it.
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Echoing others, yes you do.

I did the same previously. I got Indefinite Leave to Remain in December 2009 after a spousal visa (which was a 2 year visa). My ILR was about £800 or maybe even a little more. That was back in 2009 though.
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This forum is VERY helpful for everything related to UK visas (it's coming from a US-immigrant perspective, but I think will be relevant to anyone). I've definitely read about loads of people converting after doing the KOL test. You'll need to search for that specifically though.
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