Family lodging in DC
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I need to house my family in DC for a long weekend in May. I need it not to be insanely expensive. Creative ideas required!

Details: I am getting married in May (yay!). My family is coming for the wedding and I am trying to find a place for them to stay together that isn't crazy expensive. (Under $1500 total...)

Thursday, May 10 - Monday, May 14, 2012

4 bedrooms would be amazing, 3 bedrooms will suffice.

It doesn't have to be in DC, but it can't be more than 30 minutes away from the National Cathedral area (wedding is at 9am and I'm already worried about people being late).

We found a coulple of promising places on HomeAway and VRBO, but the landlords have all flaked out (one AFTER receiving the deposit!) so now I'm kind of freaking out. Nothing suitable on craigslist so far.

I'm not opposed to a hotel, I just don't know how to find somewhere decent that won't wind up costing $3k minimum. (Need 4 rooms.)

Any creative ideas? Where should I be looking?
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My mom stayed at Capitol Hill Suites for $99 (plus tax) a night over Christmas. That was a special deal, but they might have others. It's classy.
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You might also try posting this on the Cleveland Park Listserv.
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If you want a house, try I think they'd be much less likely to flake out, because you're not dealing directly with the renters. A quick glance finds a few places for around $500/night, so not quite in your range, but closer.
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Best answer: With you can stipulate the dates and number of people so you don't waste time figuring out if a given listing is both appropriate and available. Here's one that might work.
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Nthing airbnb.
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Eden Park Guest House was a nice place to stay. It's out in Tacoma Park (so I'm not sure if it's in your range or not), but it's on the red line and the rooms range from $75-150. It's got a sort of low rent B&B vibe to it.
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We had a similar family get-together with a larger group and people stayed at the Embassy Suites in Old Town Alexandria - across the street from the blue line stop, so they didn't have to rent cars. The guest rooms are suites - so everyone has a little sitting room, which meant a nice place to get together and play cards etc without having other actually in your bedroom. (It also made it easier for young people to crash together in the same suite.) And there is a big open common area with tables etc for common meals and kibitzing. It worked well.
I think it was around $100 per room per night, but might have been more like $150; this was a few years ago.
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I've had good luck with (corporate housing), but haven't stayed there in the DC area. They rent apartments long and short term. I've stayed for a long Thursday-Monday weekend at their properties. It's nice because you get a kitchen and a furnished apartment instead of just a room. I'm betting they have quite a few complexes in DC.
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Did you find a solution?
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