How can I view Tweets in Firefox, only better?
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I'm looking for a new Twitter client that lives "inside" Firefox. (Windows 7)

I'm currently using Yoono, but I find it fussy and annoying. It doesn't auto-shorten links, and if I'm not reading every tweet as it comes in it's easy to miss stuff: if you manually update your timeline it leaves you at the top, which means you have to scroll down to find stuff you've missed, rather than scroll up to the present.

So is there anything else? It has to sit as a persistent window in Firefox, independent of the other tabs (I've tried using external Twitter clients and just butting the Windows against each other, but it's a pain). Built-in link shortening and refreshing to the bottom of new tweets would be amazing (the way this works in the Android/iOS Twitter app is perfect). It'd be nice if it could handle lists and Facebook, too.

Hacky solutions that suck loads of memory are fine; I close Firefox before playing games anyway.
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Best answer: Sounds like you want Echofon for Firefox.
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Response by poster: Seems to work well so far, thank you!
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Response by poster: Echofon is working well. The only problem is that sometimes tweets don't seem to "take", but I've just got into the habit of loading the twitter homepage to tweet. For keeping up with friends and lists, it's perfect.
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