Gift ideas for a 25 year old guy
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What should I get my 25 year old roommate for his birthday that's $20 or less?

My roommate is turning 25 this week and I'm having a hard time coming up with some unique or fun birthday gift ideas. My limit is $20 because I've already picked up a few things for him.

I know that he enjoys fun gifts. He's not much of a movie watcher, but he does listen to music regularly. He plays Steam games a lot and is usually on his computer when he's home. He does cook regularly.

Please let me know of any fun, unique, or useful gift ideas you have.
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A cast iron skillet. If he seasons it and takes care it properly, his grandchildren will be fighting over it. I would recommend the 12", but it is a tad more than $25.
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Bottle of liquor can't hurt...
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Best answer: Pizza stone!!!
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Response by poster: What is a pizza stone?
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Do you know if he plays TF2? Some Mann Co. Keys would be a fun gift.
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Give him the twenty bucks inside an envelope that says "Have a drink on me".
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Or just ten bucks, and the envelope says "Have ONE drink on me". Total profit to you <$10.00 (less the cost of the envelope and ink, unless you can pinch those from work). But don't overthink it.
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Oh, and if he's a cooker, you'd get yourself a real nice bottle of olive oil for twenty bucks. I'm talkin' real nice. Like drinkypoos nice.
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A decent chef's knife. Oxo has a couple on Amazon for under $20, good reviews Sorry, can't get the links to work on my phone.
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Seconding Pizza Stone.
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A pizza stone lets one make really awesome crispy light thincrust pizzas at home.

Does your roommate smoke pot? Does he have a dealer? No? Hook 'em up with one.

Are they nascent wine afficiandos? Wine aerator (basically a mesh the wine goes through to get aerated) or wine saver (vacuum pump thing to get rid of air/oxygen). Hey. Don't look at me that way. Either are/can-be in the
Something from ThinkGeek?
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I usually buy people scratch-off tickets in this situation.
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Best answer: A $20 gift card from a bricks-and-mortar bookstore. Get him a book, but let him choose.
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For $9.99 (not including tax/shipping), you can get a 5 oz. tube of Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream.
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A harmonica. You never know, he could be the next Neil Young.
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gentian, bad advise. Personal experience says handing an annoying musical instrument to a person you live with is deadly for all involved. A nice bottle of wine is always welcome for most people. Or you can figure out a steam game he would like and gift it to him.
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Best answer: Aeropress, if he drinks coffee.
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A silly straw that spells out his name in cursive (google "personalized silly straw")
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