Ideas for a birthday outing in Manchester (UK)?
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Any suggestions for a fun birthday night out in Manchester (UK)?

Four of us are going to be in Manchester in April for a friend's birthday. We already have some plans, but we'd love to do something really special on the Saturday. We love theatre and enjoy good food; we are already planning to take in some of the nightlife.

For purposes of this question, price is not the key factor. We (three men and one woman) range in age from late 20s to late 30s.

I've seen this question and this question. Both are very much on point, but we would appreciate new and updated information (and in the case of the second question, any information at all!).

Thank you in advance!
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Royal Exchange Theatre

City Life is a reasonably reliable What's On guide.

I haven't eaten at Mr. Thomas' Chop House for ages, but it's a pretty safe bet for good food in lovely original Victorian decor (you may need to reserve a table - it's leagues better than your average pub grub).

If by nightlife, you mean thumpy-thumpy dance-dance bars, then perhaps Deansgate Locks would fit the bill, but I can't be sure, as I view such places as wretched hives of scum and villainy.

All the cool kids hang out in the friendly and fashionable bars which abound in the Northern Quarter, behind Piccadilly (don't go to any drinking or eating establishments anywhere in or immediately surrounding Piccadilly Gardens - they are, without exception, awful).

Matt and Phred's is nice little jazz club in the aforementioned Northern Quarter, on Tib Street. And they do good pizzas.

Band on the Wall is fantastic.

Or you could organise a mefi meetup. I'm game.
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