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Please recommend an iPad 2 case.

I've dropped it a few times with nothing more than a nick but I recently dropped and broke my iPad and while Apple replaced it for half price, I clearly can't keep paying for more half-priced iPads. I have the Apple cover thingy, but that's not protection from damage.

So, I need a case.

Not a slip-cover, because I don't drop the thing when I'm not using it, so something I put it in to carry it around isn't going to help.

It should function in some way as a stand, or work with the Apple cover so I can still use that as a stand.

Thinner and lighter is better as I use the iPad as an eReader.

Available in Canada or to ship to Canada is a must.
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Sena Folio on sale

I'm not exactly recommending this one, but it should be good. It will fit the iPad 2 but doesn't have a camera lens cutout. There are lots of cases something like that around the same price or a little more. That store is OK and ships fast. I have no association with them except as a customer.
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I have this case and it is all kinds of awesome. The keyboard has a surprisingly good feel, given what it is. I got mine in the US, but it shows on Logitech's Canada site as well.
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I got this BookBook cover for Christmas and have been loving it. It's not tiny (although I also use mine as an eReader and the size hasn't bothered me) and it may not appeal to you aesthetically, but it's quite protective and I love the way I can easily adjust the viewing angle with the little cord-thing to any angle I want.
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My friend loves his case that makes it into a book. He got the Portenzo but there are several of the same type:

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Like the BookBook, but (IMHO) way cooler: a ReAuthored cover. Made from real books! No two are alike. They choose an amazing (and often eerily appropriate for you) image for the left page. Has the satisfaction of feeling like a real book, because it is! My only affiliation with them is as a very satisfied customer, who now preaches the gospel of ReAuthored to all that ask me what I'm clutching.
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Saddleback Leather iPad2 case. I own one and it's fantastic. Great protection for the iPad. $109
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Seconding the BookBook. I got mine for Christmas, too, and love that it's protective but also very versatile. I don't even use the cord thingy, as I find the leather pretty much grips just about any surface. The size doesn't bother me at all.
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I just ordered a case today. My 5yo dropped my iPad 2 on Friday and I too had to cough up for the 1/2 price replacement. I did some research here and elsewhere and ended up going with the Griffin Survivor. It's not very pretty but I'm hoping it'll withstand my children, at least for a while. I bought it here The only thing I'm worried about is the amount of protection for the glass. I'll report back once I have it in my hands.
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The Logitech case is actually a ZAGG case. I owned its similar zagg keyboard/case and it broke at the microusb connector. A bit of googling showed I wasn't the only one with that problem. I replaced it with this surprisingly solid case from New Trent. The keyboard layout isn't as nice but the stand angle is adjustable to 3 settings and the keyboard itself is removable.
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I have the Timbuk2 case and I'm loving it. Simple to use and my ipad feels very safe in there.
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Wow, I want to get an iPad just to have an excuse to buy that Composition case.
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I have been considering something from Skech when my new future machine arrives.

While I like the look of the "book" cases they just add so much bulk it ruins the tablet effect. I carry my 1st gen around in my backpack in a simple steel case I got from Deal Extreme (they don't sell it any more or I'd link) which I like because it doesn'tt add much bulk at all but protects the thing real good.
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Gform. I'm on my phone and cant link but check them out. They have videos of iPads bring dropped from planes and weather ballons while playing a movie and landing fine. My case is bomber. I love it.
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I bought a handful of cases on a test basis, and ending up returning them all except for the Griffin Intellicase, which is exactly what I was looking for.

It's got a thin but strong hard plastic backing with cutouts for camera, speakers, etc. that hasn't come close to coming off accidentally after months of usage, and the front is a foldable flap that can act as a stand (in flat keyboard or stand-up picture frame orientations) and has built-in magnets for instant-on action when you open it up. It's also svelte and stylish enough that it feels like a built-in component of the iPad itself, and not like the thicker/bulkier/gaudier cases and portfolios that feel like lugging around a high school binder or a fuzzy velcro-and-mesh disc carrier from 2002. My only gripe is that the magnets will very occasionally flick the screen off when the flap is folded flat around the back, but it hasn't been a huge problem.

It's nominally $60, but you can get it for under $30 (tax/shipping free) from Amazon.
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