where should i be looking if i want to study healthcare?
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I want to study wellness-based healthcare. I am in absolutely no hurry and am willing to put the hard work in to get there.

- Double major in liberal arts degrees from a public university in California, overall 2.96 GPA. I assume I will need to study Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Physics (plus labs).

- University GPA was significantly lower than community college GPA. The GPA dropped largely because I had a goal of being actively involved in my community.

- I might prefer a program that would allow me to study part time or retake classes without penalty.

- I will definitely struggle with the classes, especially as I learn the appropriate study skills for the sciences. I believe I have a chance at making it through a program somewhere because I am willing to stick it through and work hard at learning the material.

- For an example, I would love to do this Cuban program; it lines up with my interests well, but would be too old to qualify by the time I worked through the prerequisite classes (I'm almost 29). http://www.ifconews.org/MedicalSchool/main.htm

- I would prefer to do all future studying outside the US, and do not require that I be able to practice in the US.

-I'd prefer to be led to the more inexpensive options.

What options are available to me? I am assuming I should take care of the prerequisites (where?) and then apply to a school (where?).
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Nursing. Go to a local community college, and explain your situation to them. CC programs are much more flexible and forgiving than any med school, and you're really starting from square one here. If you can handle the work there, after you finish, THEN you might consider going overseas to study, but it's very unlikely any foreign program worth its salt will go easy on you.

If you're determined to get into med school or die trying, probably the least expensive university in the EU is this one, but be aware that like all other legitimate med schools, Oradea is rigorous, and without adequate preparation, you will almost certainly flunk out.
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What's your budget?

If you want to go to school part time, can you afford to not work the rest of the time?

What other citizenships do you have? What other languages do you speak? Do you need to study in English?
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If you are interested in anything wellness-based, I would guide you away from nursing or medicine or pretty much anything linked with the healthcare system. I work in this juggernaut, and it is all about treating sick people after they get sick, period.

If you have the chance, try and shadow people for a work day ie nurse, physician, occupational therapist, naturopath, RMT, etc to get an idea of which area might suit you best.
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