Clever, unique gift for triplets?
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Looking for a cool / clever / unique gift for a friend who is pregnant with triplets.

I'm going to visit my friend this weekend who is 35 weeks pregnant with triplets. She already has three other children (I know!), so she has all of the basic necessities already. I'm bringing a huge box of diapers with me, but I want to get her something clever for the kids (the three new ones or all 6). I think she's having two boys and girl. She has a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor, so just about anything goes. Any suggestions?
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A box set of Jon & Kate plus 8.
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A copy of the book Cheaper by the Dozen. Only put a piece of tape with 1/2 written on it before the word dozen. I remember reading it when I was a teenager and it was quite interesting.
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Basketball jerseys -- since she'll soon have a full team + a benchwarmer?
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A nesting doll.
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T-shirts for each kid, numbered 1-6.
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3 infants is not the same as 3 kids, 1 at a time. Even if she has onesies, blanket sleepers, baby socks and flannel blankets, they're going to need a lot more. Most Moms really, really like getting gifts for their babies. I loved getting really nice quality oufits from Baby Gap, etc.

If you really want something unique, try this site. What she's really going to need, when the babies are born, is meals, errands and extra hands. 3 visits from a housekeeper would be fantastic.
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I like Sycamore Street Press's 'subliminal messaging' letterpress art prints:

Crying is for babies (other babies)

Nothing says you care like a clean diaper

You're getting very sleepy
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Mefi's own Pyjammy has identical triplets and she has some cute stuff in her CafePress shop.
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