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Is there a China-based Amazon-style shopping website that I use to send a gift to someone in Shanghai? One that I can use from the US and is in English? thanks!!
posted by Bwithh to Shopping (3 answers total), however all in Chinese. They do international shipping.
YesAsia is your best bet, it's multilingual, and sell mostly music, media, books. They also do international shipping.
Hong Kong Bookstore I'm sure they do international shipping to mainland China as well
Yahoo Auction Hong Kong The auctions sometimes are listed in English, many Hong Kongnese speak English, and you could ask if you could pay with paypal
Yahoo Auction Singapore In English.
Hong Kong Book City easy to pay (with credit card), they do international shipping. They sell books only, you need to know the Chinese name.
You could always use ebay and ebay China as a last resort.

Often times auction sites like, taobao, Ruten, Yahoo Auction Taiwan do international shipping, but to register a Taiwanese account and method of payment are rather complicated.
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great thanks!!!
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taobao is by far the most popular Chinese shopping site, and they have everything- it's not just auctions.

dandangwang is a popular book site.

You can also use regular Amazon, but the shipping costs are high.
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