What greasemonkey scripts would I want if I only knew they existed?
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What greasemonkey scripts would I want if I only knew they existed?

So far I have only two Greasemonkey scripts -- Metafilter MultiFavorited Multiwidth and YouTube Link Title. I found the first in a MeTa thread and the second I found only after it finally occurred to me to search for something like it, but both have greatly improved my web experience.

I've tried searching userscripts.org for websites I frequent, but I haven't really found anything else compelling. What are some of your favorites?
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Best answer: YousableTubeFix, which stops YouTube autoplay, resizes videos to my preferred size & quality, and removes chaff from the page.

ShutUp.css, the Greasemonkey version of Steven Frank's comment hiding system. Eliminates all grar. I like it better than the Stylish version because I find it easier to whitelist sites on the fly in Greasemonkey.

Generally, any site that only has multi-page articles will cause me to search out a script to switch to single-page. This need has been lessened a bit now that Instapaper's bookmarklet can handle multi-page better.

(I keep a little note on my Dropbox of site irritations so I can look for Greasemonkey solutions at my leisure, or attempt to roll my own.)
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Best answer: I love seeing Mefi deleted posts.
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Best answer: UTM Stripper removes all the utm_* parameters from the query string of FeedBurner redirected links.

Google Domain Blocker allows you to block domains from appearing in Google searches. I use it to block music lyrics sites that don't let you copypaste the lyrics, for when I'm putting lyrics in my iTunes songs.

Google Tracking-B-Gone removes tracking stuff from Google links.

Kill New York Times doubleclick dictionary.

Stop iTunes from loading when you follow an iTunes Preview link in your browser.

YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD & Remove Ads - stops autoplay AND lets the video buffer. Also the video goes directly to mute.

Remove YouTube Subscription Bar.
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Best answer: Gmail Favicons Alert 3

Google Reader Fixes

GReader Favicons Alert

MeFi Navigator

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Best answer: Google Reader Absolutely Customizable
Webcomic Reader - nice for those archive binges
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Way late to the party here (bookmarked thread to answer later, forgot about it, found it again), but here are some scripts essential to my web experience that I think you'll love:

GraphFi - A Mefi-specific bookmarklet that maps the favorites and comment relationships for threads in a nifty sidebar. Makes catching up on the highlights of long threads and following intrathread back-and-forth a breeze. Also useful: Plutor's Mefiquote, which adds a handy [quote] button to each comment.

YouTube Enhancer - Reformats YouTube videos with larger players, advanced A/V controls, download buttons, and tons of other customizable tweaks. Especially nice since the script receives frequent updates and fixes to keep pace with changes made on YouTube's end.

Google Reader Preview Plus - A super-useful script that opens the full HTML contents of Google Reader items within the Reader interface, making it easy to browse news without having to open new tabs. You can even customize the source to make it apply only to certain feeds. This particular version of the script was tweaked (by me!) to make it compatible with later Firefox versions. I also like Google Reader Compact and Less Depressing, which reverses some of the uglier changes made in the latest redesign.

TweetsCounterV2 - Adds a dynamic counter to pages letting you know how many times it's been tweeted; click for expansion.

LookItUp2 - Fantastic for quickly looking up highlighted text in Wikipedia, dictionary, images, etc. (results pop up in a temporary sidebar). Google searches (web/images/dictionary) have trouble at the moment, but MeMail me if you'd like a possible workaround.
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