I need a UK replacement passport in one day. Help
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Help! I've lost my passport, and I'm due to fly out in two days. UK passport agency doesn't normally give out a replacement passport in one day. Does anyone have any experience in persuading them to do so?

My girlfriend and I were due to fly out to Rome to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in two days. Now I can't find my passport. I have an appointment with the passport people tomorrow morning, and I need to talk them into giving me a replacement passport on the day, which they normally don't do. Anyone have any tips or experience?
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According to this site they do a premium one day service: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Passports/howlongittakesandurgentappplications/DG_174149

I used it a few years (15+) ago and had no problems getting one the same day
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In the USA, it helps to bring proof of your immediate travel plans, so bring a copy of your flight itinerary and anything you booked (hotel, car hire, train ticket, etc.) in Rome. That shows your intent to travel immediately. Should work in the UK as well.
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Unfortunately, the premium one day service specifically excludes replacing a lost, stolen or damaged passport.
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A few years ago I had to replace a passport which had got worn out (ie damaged) but which was a few years short of being expired. It took about 45 minutes in the UKPA Peterborough branch. Make sure you have everything you might need (pictures, etc) when you go in.

It is quite possible they make a distinction between lost and damaged though.
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I asked a similar question a few years ago, which might help you - I never used the procedure, though, as I found my passport in the end.

The emergency procedure isn't for replacement of a lost/damaged passport but you can put through a new application - it means you have to do all the stuff about getting your photo countersigned, and all that. A pain, but not impossible. Try to ensure that you have everything in order before you go to your appointment.
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*fills in the missing link* I know the above because I did exactly the same thing (mislaid passport) a couple of years after I posted the above question. A few phone calls to the passport office and I was all set to go and get an emergency new passport (not using the replacement procedure) at a one-day appointment - and then it turned up again.

I now have a Very Safe Place where I Always Keep My Passport.
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I had the same experience as biffa (also at Peterborough), just turned up at 8:30am to be first in the queue, had the passport by midday. Mine wasn't even an emergency, I was due to fly to the States, passport photo showed me with a beard I had long since abandoned I just wanted a new photo in my passport. This was maybe 20 years ago though.

I was going to say the best thing to do is be honest and hope you are met with sympathy, trouble is they may get shirty about you maybe having 2 passports, so perhaps it got thrown away while tidying up?
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I'm not sure you need the photo countersigned if you apply for and collect the passport in person, after all they can see you, but best to check.
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OP here. Although I don't have the passport in my hand yet, I've had my appointment with the passport office, and they said I could pick up a new passport in 4 hours. Yea!

It was a totally painless procedure. Called and got an appointment for 830 the next morning, arrived 15 mins early, they saw me at once, and less than 15 mins later it was all sorted. I had brought all sorts of additional documents with me (photocopy of my old passport, birth certificate, etc), but they weren't really interested in them. They wanted a lost/stolen form, an application form (countersigned), and two photos (one countersigned).

So although the website says they don't do a guaranteed 1 day service for a replacement passport, they can and often do turn in around in a day.
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Good news, Touchstone, and with any luck I can refer back to it next time I mislay my passport three days before I'm due to travel...
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