Can someone identify this paper currency?
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Can someone identify this paper currency?

My boyfriend found a bunch of foreign currency, some of it pre-WWII, in a drawer he was cleaning out. We identified all of it save this one.

I'm not even sure what country it is from, but I spent a fair amount of time Googling and then comparing it visually to some Chinese/Japanese/Taiwanese paper currency lists I found. Nada.
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It's Japanese. The round symbol at the top is the Imperial Seal. That's all I know!
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According to this, it's a Japanese note.
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It's a 50 yen note in Japanese wartime currency.
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Asian speaking wife says it's Japanese
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The Chinese characters in the middle are a somewhat stylized version of this:

Reading from right to left:
幣, 紙, 府政, 本日, 大

"~Paper currency of the Great Japanese government"
("great" is not a value judgement, just part of Japan's wartime name)
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The link above is incorrect, the character clearly says 50 "sen", which is 0.5 yen.

It's 50 Sen in wartime currency, see this Wikipedia article in Japanese for more information on the time period.

It also says 昭和19年 (19th Year of Showa = Showa Emperor's reign), which is 1944.
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