Double, Double, Toile and Trouble...
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InteriorDesignFilter: I have three 22x28" baroque frames that I need to fill.

I'm not looking to fill the frames with pictures; I'm going more for a modern design aesthetic, heavily leaning towards a geometric, damask or toile pattern. Loose requirements: black/white/gray in color scheme, larger patterns to be more visually striking and distinguishable from a 10-15' distance, and preferably under $100 in total cost for all three 22x28" frames. Material is not too particular; I know how to mount paper or fabric. These requirements aren't dealbreakers and I'm interested in any suggestions.

I've looked through some wallpaper websites and few fabric websites. Pretty much everything leads me back to Graham & Brown, which is fine. I'm just curious if my Google-Fu has me missing any interesting options. I love the Jeff Lewis wallpapers, but they're quite expensive and it doesn't even look like he's selling them on his website any longer.

I am also entertaining the idea of an interesting toile pattern. Apparently Waverly is the king of toile, and again, pretty much every website I've come across is using one of their patterns.

I'm curious if any of you with an eye for design have any other websites or stores you'd recommend? I'm getting bored with website after website bringing me back to the same wallpaper and fabric manufacturers.
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Best answer: How about a fancy paper? Maybe something from Papersource?
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Best answer: Mercury glass! Since you're comfortable with DIY: Get a framer to cut glass to fit and then treat the glass with Krylon mirror paint and water to create a mercury glass effect. Instructions from Martha (for smaller scale project but same effect) are here.
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Best answer: I've seen large swirls like Yves Klein's (19"x29", $35) in frames like that.

Same idea, more modern and colorful: Jessica Snow (11"x14", $60). Also from 20x200's site, Yuji Yamada and Mike Monteiro might fit the bill, but if you're leaning toward "softer" artwork, might not.

One last recommendation would be to browse Saatchi Online, where they have prints under $100 of lots of unusual artwork. You can filter by price point and style. This is what I get for Abstract Expressionism under $100.
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Best answer: Ebay's vintage fabric (and curtains) categories can often have amazing finds for not too much money.

You mention wanting modern, but then list damask and toile, which are traditional patterns. Would you also consider mod, such as Marimekko? (1, 2, 3 (not Marimekko but same idea) or even Ikea (1, 2, 3)?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great leads, folks! Plenty more good ideas to sift through now.
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mochapickle's idea reminded me - my mother has a whole wall of frames she likes, all shapes and sizes, which she's had mirrors cut for. It helps to brighten a dark room.
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