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Why is this relatively simple flight configuration so hard to make happen?

I want to take my kids to Belize right after a Boston graduation in May. We would depart from Logan to Belize City but 2 of us want to return to New York, one of us to Boston. I am getting much resistance (and insane prices) from Expedia for this scheme. They "can't do" multiple destinations without it being crazy expensive. Should I cave and have all return to NYC? Is there another way to make this happen? Thanks all.
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Best answer: I just checked on Kayak for a random pair of Saturdays in May, and got $735 for BOS-BZE-EWR, and $745 for BOS-BZE-BOS. For flight pricing, I prefer Kayak to everybody else (with the possible exception of ITA, but Kayak is more user-friendly).

Really, you're booking two separate itineraries; the first is two people from Boston to Belize to New York, and the second is one person from Boston to Belize and back to Boston. If you try to book both of these in one booking, you may be confusing Expedia and getting something other than what you're trying to do.

Another tip is to enter NYC as the destination code for New York flights; it automatically searches all 3 airports.
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Determine the airlines which fly where you want to go (maybe via Expedia), and deal with them directly. Althouugh I know nothing of travel to Belize specifically, arranging "open-jaws" tickets doesn't pose near the difficlty it used to. Some carriers' sites make it easy, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that working through a third party might be difficult.
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Call them.

Or book the 2 to Bos in 1 browser and the 1 to NYC in another browser and book the seats together as best as you can.
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I've booked separate flights for me and my wife with overlapping segments.

I just book them online and try to get seats together or I call the airline directly afterwards and say "We are on separate tickets but we want to sit together." Never had a problem.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, took the Kayak and it was a heckuva lot easier. Was complicated by using points, and other weirdness.
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Best answer: Also, sidebar: look at segmenting and buying piece by piece. Those prices are pretty good, but remember that, if you futz with the dates and times, American Airlines from New York to Miami can be as little as $98; often Miami to Belize is really cheap as well.
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