Searching for the critical thinking textbook I had in grade school
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Please help me find the critical thinking textbook my grade-school class used in the early eighties.

Here's another long-lost book question. In grade school, in Chicago between 1980 and 1984, we had a section in logic and philosophy. The text we used was called "Thinking Critically" or "Critical Thinking". It was grade-school or high-school level, and dealt mostly with logic. There were exercises and problems to solve. In the same class we did a lot of logic grid puzzles, which may or may not have come from the book. The last chapter of the book dealt with the techniques used in advertisements (repetition, the bandwagon, etc.) The cover might have been brown, and the title was large, bold, and on a diagonal across the cover in white text, all capital letters, sans serif. It was the size of a typical workbook (9" x 11" or so), softcover, and about 100 pages.

Of course, all my memories are suspect, but I'd really like to find the book again. Inspired by this post, natch.
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Critical thinking; an introduction to logic and scientific method, by Max Black, is a Prentice-Hall perennial, in print for most of the last century, apparently.

Worldcat search (criteria included) is a good way to find this sort of material. If it isn't Black's book, it's probably in that search somewhere.
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Response by poster: It's not the Black book; that one's too dense.

Thanks for the Worldcat link. I've checked out a few likely suspects by googling for the book covers, I but haven't found it yet.
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Well, the title's wrong, but: any chance it was Making Sense? It appears to be aimed at YA readers, it had at least two editions in the 1970s (so would have been a good contender for 1980-1984), and I found it by searching Google books for "critical thinking repetition bandwagon".
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