Help me find a supervillan costume!
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I've been invited to a supervillan costume party. Any ideas?

I've been invited to a supervillan-themed party. My costume should be an already existing villan, not something I made up. Apart from that, it can really be anyone from any genre (comic books, cartoons/tv shows, books, etc).

I'm a woman, so I'd want to be a villaness. The thing is, I have these fantastic stiletto knee-high black lace up dom boots that I never get to wear and I'd love to have a reason to wear them out. I also have a black leather corset.

What sexy/evil/interesting villaness can I dress up as? Anything that comes to mind that lets me dust off my awesome boots?
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You could probably put together a Catwoman outfit with those items.

Or you could be Jean Gray (Phoenix from the X-Men) as the Black Queen, when she was a villainess, she basically wore someone's idea of a dom outfit.
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Cruella DeVille?
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Boots + Mask = Bad Horse. Corset optional.
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Catwoman is the first one that comes to mind. The boots and corset would be perfect.

Or, for something a bit more esoteric/nostaligic, Evil-Lyn from He-Man.
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Doctor Girlfriend!
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The Black Queen, in either Selene or Jean Grey form, is the classic example. Wear with tights if you're uneasy about the amount of skin. The problem is, the character is just a garden-variety domina, without too many supervillain cues, apart from the cape.

Another, more comic-oriented costume would be for Black Mary Marvel. Here she is beating Wonder Woman unconscious with Green Lantern. A black, long-sleeved cheerleader's dress, some gloves, those boots, and the lightningbolt logo made from yellow felt or somesuch, and you're ready to go.
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Black Cat, she was a cat burglar, who was reformed by Spiderman. Your corset could be part of the costume, just need something equally black for your arms and legs.

Marvel wiki - Black Cat
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I would say the Borg Queen!
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I can't find a picture of it to confirm my memory, but doesn't Six wear essentially that (with a see-through lace top and skirt) in the pilot of BSG?
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There are probably a thousand reasons why this is a bad idea, but when I hear "female villain" and "awesome boots," the first thing that springs to my mind is Condoleeza Rice.
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Seconding Dr. Girlfriend. She's amazing.
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Mom from Futurama.
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There are some pretty amazing Harley Quinn costumes out there.

Bellatrix Lestrange would be fun, too.

And though a bit less well-known, Esme Squalor wears some amazing outfits throughout The Series of Unfortunate Events.
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Team rocket wears boots.
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Do you have blond hair? Geillis Duncan.
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Best answer: You have pretty much described my costume three halloweens ago when I dressed as the Baroness from GI Joe. Black framed Harry Potterish glasses complete the ensemble.
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Someday, I'll convince someone on here to be Nightmare Moon.
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Years ago a friend gave me a teddy bear in a Dr. Doom costume.

when suddenly invited to a party like this with two hours notice a couple years ago, I pulled on a black shirt, black pants and figured a way to attach the bear to my shoulder, and informed people I was the servant and transportation of Dr. Doombear.

so I want as a henchman, but people really thought it was silly.

if you don't mind being a bit of a spectacle and have a small stuffed animal, put it in your cleavage (that the corset shows off) and be the Henchwoman.
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Response by poster: Thanks - great ideas from everyone!

As I already have about 80% of the costume, and I'm liking the throwback to cheesy cartoons from my past, I believe The Baroness shall do very well indeed.
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