Book recommendations for a nautical reader.
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Book recommendations for late 30's Australian Marine Engineer currently stuck on naval ship on the way to the Middle East?

He loves:

Kinky Friedman
Neal Stephenson
Terry Pratchett

Hoping to get him into a few new writers! Maybe even some books set in the Middle East or his other favourite country Thailand?
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Best answer: The Windup Girl is a sci-fi set in Thailand.
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Best answer: Iain M Banks sci fi is a lot of fun
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I'm really digging Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson, an alternate history novel about the Islamic and Chinese civilizations, by a renowned sci-fi author (the Mars Trilogy). Since a lot of the story is set near where he's going and contains a lot of real history, it might be relevant as well as entertaining.
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Best answer: Tim Dorsey writes wacky mysteries, which might appeal to his Kinky Friedman-digging side.
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The book 1421 is a popular history book about an interesting period in Chinese naval history, among other things putting forward the thesis that the Chinese discovered Australia before the Dutch, and it ties in nicely to Years of Rice and Salt if he's going to read that.
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How about Jasper Fforde? The Thursday Next series is a lot of fun.

He also could get a real kick out of the Lemony Snickett A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I also would put Neil Gaiman at the intersection of Stephenson and Pratchett. Maybe suggest Good Omens?
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This is nothing like the books you mention, but as an engineer has he read Nevil Shute?
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Best answer: Stuck on a ship? Perhaps it's time to dive into the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian. A true pleasure at whatever point in your life you choose to save them for!
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Year of Rice and Salt is a great suggestion. Also, The City and The City might resonate if he feels culturally out-of-place in his destination.
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Best answer: Big Kinky Friedman & Prattchett fan here. Seconding Tim Dorsey. Love his Serge Storms books. Dave Barry wrote a couple of mystery/caper books, Big Trouble and Tricky Business . Jasper Fforde has two books that are parrallel to his Thursday Next series that I enjoyed even more than the Thursday Next books.
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Best answer: John Burdett’s series featuring Royal Thai Police Detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep.
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Peter F Hamilton - the Void Trilogy series or the Commonwealth Saga
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Game of Thrones is suitably wordy and enthralling for boat reading. It doesn't exactly resolve by the last available book (haha) but it's a good yarn.
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Best answer: He might enjoy the works of Carl Hiaasen.
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