It's a thingimibob. But what sort of thingimibob?
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Asking for a friend: what is this? Pic 1 and pic 2. Apparently "carved mother-of-pearl with gold banding and red stones".

She bought it at a swap meet today in Australia just because it's pretty, but now she wants to know what it is. She's an online friend so I can't see it in person, although of course I can ask her if more details are required.

It is flat, and the end (gold bit) looks like something broke off inside, she thinks perhaps more mother-of-pearl.

Suggestions so far include a handle of a mirror, fan or walking stick, but it seems to me that the carving would make an impractical handle. She is getting an art deco/20's flapper sort of vibe, she wondered if it's part of a headpiece from that era?

I'm also wondering if it's ivory instead of mother-of-pearl, but what would I know?

Any ideas?
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what's on the reverse - or is it the same on both sides?
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It could be a glove darner - you slide the glove over it so that you don't put stitches through to the other side.
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Response by poster: Good question, b33j, I'll ask her.
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I think it looks like the handle of something... a brush, mirror, letter opener, etc.
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Or I could have finished reading the question. Sorry.
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It might be the tail end of a broken newspaper turner. The other end would have been a long flat non sharp blade made of the same material (ivory or mother of pearl). Some of these things could be ornate since only a wealthy person would bother with a newspaper turner.
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Not necessarily a help, but have you seen this? Asker posits part of a hand mirror or brush.
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Shoe horn?
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Here are some intact hand mirrors, one with a similarly shaped handle and one with a similarly carved handle.
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The first link was supposed to go here.
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some info on materials identification

And from what I've heard, if the item was mostly decorative or for pure welath flaunting, practicle takes third or fourth seat to glitz.
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Looks a lot like the Victorian mirror handles I've seen, as kittydelsol says. Here's another example of what it might have looked like intact
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I'd vote for a letter opener or a seal stamp. See letter writing set here.
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That looks like ivory to me too. It could also be a carved whale tooth, from a sperm whale.
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I always thought that mother of pearl will look almost like flattened layers of silk along the isn't a solid, it is more, usually it is used in flat situations where an edge can be hidden -- think more like that back of a mirror, than the handle. The edge of that seems to look more solid, like ivory, wood, plastic, resin, glass, etc.
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jaimystery's suggestion: newspaper turner (found here). Another.
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Response by poster: The reverse side is flat, no carving at all.
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I'm in no way an expert, but I'd be very surprised if that's ivory.

Polished ivory has a smooth, creamy look that's virtually indistinguishable from bakelite from a distance and has a subtle grain up close. Mother of pearl glows, almost like it's being lit from within. The way the light's playing off your friend's piece looks like mother of pearl to me.

Lovely carvings, whatever the item is!
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Another vote for mirror handle.

And I wish it belonged to this Deb.
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"One flat side" sounds like a mirror handle to me; the ornate side faces up, as does the presumably equally ornate mirror backing, and then the reflective side and down-facing handle are sleek so that the mirror will lie flat when not in use and not warp.
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