Casual Xbox360 games to play with my girlfriend?
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Looking for Xbox360 casual game recommendations

I'm looking for game recommendations for my girlfriend and I to play together on the Xbox360. I have seen this question, but I'm looking for something a little narrower.

In the past we have enjoyed playing games together that are less gamer-games, and are more casual. So we enjoyed Guitar Hero/Rock Band, and we've played through pretty much all of the Lego games. Ideally we'd be after something similar to Lego (easy interface, can pick up for a short session, and fun). She is not keen on first-person style games and the associated two-joystick control scheme. This is true even for slower, non-FPS games like Portal.

So which games fit this description?
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Do you have a Kinect? Because Dance Central is amazingly fun (from the same people behind Guitar Hero/Rock Band), and there's little better than looking extremely awkward beside your SO. It is easily as addicting as Rock Band.
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i find ilo/milo to be one of the cutest, sweetest couple games ever.
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Viva Pinata
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Oops, disregard Viva Pinata, it's not a two-player game. Sorry.
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Warp is good, and while it theoretically uses the right joystick, it happens very, very rarely, so the game is effectively controlled with one joystick and one or two buttons.
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My girlfriend and I really loved Splosionman and Ms. Splosionman, they are extremely underrated. The games are puzzle platformers on XBox Live Arcade and they have a really nice two player co-op mode. The controls mainly consist of just the left stick and a "splode" button that acts to both jump and activate various buttons and whatnot. The co-op levels are completely different than the single player ones, and usually involve coordination between the two players to solve the puzzles. Plus Twisted Pixel is a really great company that really puts a lot of humor and silliness into their games. Overall we liked them even better than Portal 2's co-op mode, which is saying something. And they both have free trials on XBLA I believe so it's free to try out the gameplay before you buy it.
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Deathspank is a Diablo clone with a good sense of humor and drop in/drop out co-op. The second player is an optional support character and the main player does all of the RPG-related equipment management and NPC dialog. Fortunately the writing is funny enough that my second player doesn't mind sitting through it.

Also check out for a complete list of two-player games for any system - you can do an advanced search that shows only XBox 360 Arcade games with two-player local co-op, for example.
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Castle Crashers is an old school style side-scrolling beat-em-up that's a lot of fun with two or more players.
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I love pinball so I'm a big fan of Pinball Hall of Fame. Two buttons, short games and a small learning curve.
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The second Viva Pinata game, Trouble in Paradise is a two-player game. It's incredibly cute and has a lot of things to do and collect without being particularly complicated, so it might be worth a go.
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