Un-deleting a picture from a digital camera's memory card: can I?
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ACK! I accidentally deleted a picture from my digital camera's memory card! The cam is newish and I'm not quite used to it yet; I mis-pressed a button while reviewing, and now I've lost an important, once-in-a-lifetime shot. Is there a way, ANY way for me to recover the accidentally deleted photo? Please please please tell me it's not impossible. Or at least tell me why it is. *tears hair out*
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Try this. Good luck.
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It's just like a hard disc - the file isn't really "deleted" until you overwrite the memory locations it is stored on - just the directory entry to it has been deleted. If you don't use the card again (risk of overwriting it), there's tons of undelete utilities that will be able to retrieve it for you.
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I've used PCI Smart Recovery to do just what you want.
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I used Active Undelete when a card of mine decided it had no photos on. Worked like a charm. As matildaben said, there's nothing special about a memory card, it's just like a hard disc. (when it comes to undeleting photos)

Cost $39 which maybe a bit steep when I'm sure there are loads of free utils out there, but good value if you're in the UK :)

Good luck
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Response by poster: Sorry, in my panic I forgot to specify: I use a Canon Powershot A95 with a CF card.

I'm not sure if it can let me mount the card as a logical drive.
Do I have to buy a CF card reader?

I haven't touched my camera since the accidental deletion, for fear of further mishaps.

Whew, though! Good to know I can get the picture back, somehow.
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You can get an external card reader for less than $30. It's been a year or so, but when I looked I found lots of utilities that were free to try, they would show you that they could see your deleted file, but wouldn't actually undelete it for you until you coughed up $25 for them.
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If you have a Fry's Electronics nearby, they've been advertising a 12-in-1 reader for 4.99 (no rebate!) for a while now. I got one, and I'm using it, and it works fine. It'll mount your CF card as a removable drive, and permit any number of disk utilities to undelete the file.

Does Win2K/XP still have the MS-DOS undelete program built in? I remember using it for undeleting files from floppies and hard drives in Win3.x and 9x, but that was ages ago.
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Any of the CF 'repair' programs will work even though the card isn't damaged per se. There was an AskMe thread about it in the last month with some program names. I just took a quick look through a few of the linked programs and none of them will use the camera link it seems - you'll need that PCMCIA or USB gadget.
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I've used VAIOSoft Recovery Manager for this very purpose many times. it's free, too.
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I've used IOLO Search and Recover 2 with great success. It is available with a free trial. Some of the other included utilities are useful as well. As has been pointed out this will work if you haven't taken any more pictures.
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Let this be a warning to those of you who sell used flashcards and/or digital cameras with memory...better find a way to wipe them clean before your buyer finds your homemade ameteur sex videos made by you and your S.O.!
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