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I would like to buy a men's jacket like the one Stockhausen is wearing in this video. I'm not sure what the style is called. Any ideas on search terms and/or links to specific jackets for sale? The color is not particularly important -- it's all about the style.
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Caveat: not looking for a coat/outerware, but a blazer-style jacket.
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It's what was called in the 1970s a "leisure suit" jacket, or a "shirt-jacket". I haven't seen anything like it new in stores, but they're widely available in vintage shops.
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If you're not wedded to the shirt-style collar, you might have more scope in finding a "Nehru jacket". The leisure suit jacket combined the shape of the Nehru jacket with the big shirt-like pointed collar popular in the 1970s.
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Looks like a 70's take on a tracht jacket (wiki). Could even be loden wool.
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Grey fabric example.
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Well, I found this which embodies the length, hangin' off a big shoulder, and suit-yness, but alas lacks the minimalism (distracting pockets) and awesome awesome pointy collar.

Racking my brains trying to think of what to even call that collar. Saw many of them on double-breasted jackets, but alas, none on single.

But maybe keep searching under mod and retro.
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