How to get rid of these little black winged bugs?
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What are these little black bugs with narrow almost clear wings that seem to be growing out of the bathroom tiles, and how do I make them go away and not come back?

They sound kind of like the "drain flies" from this question, but they're not in the drain. They are near a pipe, but I don't really have a way to pour anything down the pipe or to clean it (maybe scrub the outside a bit with a toothbrush?), so if they are drain flies what can I do about them? Or do I need to ask the super to do something?

Ugh they're gross. Thank you!
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Ants or termites? Picture looks like something that happened to me at the last basement-level apartment I lived in. Turned out to be ants, according to the poor bastard who moved in after I left.
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They do look like termites to me. But I am not an entomologist.
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Those are termites.
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Look closely at one (an easy way is to catch it on the sticky side of some clear tape). Does it have a waist? Ants have narrow waists, termites do not. Termites are a much more serious matter, since they can do major damage to the structure of your apartment.
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Yep. Termites. Call the super.
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Best answer: How to tell ants from termites - with some close up pictures. Personally I could not tell from your picture.
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Those are termites.
I thought it when I read your description, and the picture exactly matches the image you gave me. I can almost see them moving in your picture. Clearly this takes me back to days that made my skin crawl.
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My husband who knows insects said termites have four equal sized wings, ants do not. Check the wings.
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Save one of the dead ones if you can, always good to have something to show the bug guy.

We had a swarm of termites come pouring out of our kitchen floor in one apartment, out of nowhere. That was fun.

They had to redo the entire first story.
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Agree; these are termites.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! I got a closer up look at one and wasn't sure about seeing a waist, and I do live in a basement apartment, so I guess termites are likely. I've only seen one more since I wiped away that batch but next time I see one I'll call the super.
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Look like flying ants to me but I can't say for sure.
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Be aware that the swarming behaviour of either flying ants or termites is only transient. For the rest of the time the creatures will may remain out of site/out of mind (while they chomp on your foundations, perhaps). If I was your super I would very much appreciate being told about these - even with the blurred picture you took. Best to get somebody in to check out what is going on.
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Yeah, even if you're not seeing many more, you really need to let the super know. There may already be damage done that needs to be addressed.
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