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I need ideas for my business casual wardrobe. I don't need theory. I would like pictures of guys in cool business casual attire like this and this that I can get ideas from. I would also like links to sites that sell nice business casual clothes online. Help me look snazzy on my first day of work!
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I would steer clear of buying online unless you know your exact measurements and know the cut and fit of the maker. One of the best ways to look snappy is to have perfectly fitting, clean and pressed clothing.

With that said, I have had great success with ModernTailor online for tailored shirts. Plenty of customization to fit your body (as a male with broad shoulders and a thin waist, finding a fit like tailoring is impossible) and high quality materials for reasonable prices. Get a proper fitting by a tailor however, so you know your measurements are accurate.
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Put This On has theory, but useful theory, and has pictures to illustrate. They also have a bunch of background on selecting clothing (with example photographs), and an excellent blogroll.
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Some nice pictures are here, if you can handle the poster snarking all over them. Some of this guy's older posts might interest you. This guy might be a bit on a different side than the pictures you posted.

Brooks Brothers is having a sale today, fwiw [plan on getting me some sports coats]. Dockers has a new line of khakis that I'm liking.
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Bonobos for pants. Hands-down. Free shipping both ways. Good fit, good quality.
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Bonobos for all!
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Nerd Boyfriend is always interesting if you just want inspirational photos.
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I just wanted to say that the short pant style in your second link is trendy, but will make for wasted pants 3 years from now when it goes out of style. Also, check styleforum and superfuture, there is an absurd abundance of fashion advice, photos, and even stuff for sale. Just keep a grain of salt when you see things like "sneakers that cost over a grand" threads. Also, I know it's basic, but try on some stuff from Banana Republic and J Crew, too.
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I can't vouch for their quality; I haven't ordered anything from them. However, I came across this brand recently, and I think they might match what you're looking for.
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A Pinterest search brings up more women's than men's (and trying to specify men's only isn't working well) but it's worth browsing; also a good place to organise pix you like.

I am a fan of Lands' End Canvas; "like" on FB and/or check for sale/coupon codes. (Also on Pinterest, again more female than male, sorry)
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