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I need ideas for my business casual wardrobe. I don't need theory. I would like pictures of guys in cool business casual attire like this and this that I can get ideas from. I would also like links to sites that sell nice business casual clothes online. Help me look snazzy on my first day of work!
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Put This On has theory, but useful theory, and has pictures to illustrate. They also have a bunch of background on selecting clothing (with example photographs), and an excellent blogroll.
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Best answer: Some nice pictures are here, if you can handle the poster snarking all over them. Some of this guy's older posts might interest you. This guy might be a bit on a different side than the pictures you posted.

Brooks Brothers is having a sale today, fwiw [plan on getting me some sports coats]. Dockers has a new line of khakis that I'm liking.
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Bonobos for pants. Hands-down. Free shipping both ways. Good fit, good quality.
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Bonobos for all!
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Nerd Boyfriend is always interesting if you just want inspirational photos.
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I just wanted to say that the short pant style in your second link is trendy, but will make for wasted pants 3 years from now when it goes out of style. Also, check styleforum and superfuture, there is an absurd abundance of fashion advice, photos, and even stuff for sale. Just keep a grain of salt when you see things like "sneakers that cost over a grand" threads. Also, I know it's basic, but try on some stuff from Banana Republic and J Crew, too.
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I can't vouch for their quality; I haven't ordered anything from them. However, I came across this brand recently, and I think they might match what you're looking for.
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Best answer: A Pinterest search brings up more women's than men's (and trying to specify men's only isn't working well) but it's worth browsing; also a good place to organise pix you like.

I am a fan of Lands' End Canvas; "like" on FB and/or check for sale/coupon codes. (Also on Pinterest, again more female than male, sorry)
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