A private label bottler than can make a mixed drink (alcoholic beverage)?
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Looking for a private label bottler / contract bottler that handles alcoholic beverages.

Someone I work for is curious about creating a new mixed drink (cocktail) that would come in a can.

Does anyone know a private label bottler / contract bottler that could do this? I'm specifically looking for bottlers that do customized alcoholic beverages.

Also, it can't just be a company that bottles just one spirit (like vodka); has to be able to mix multiple ingredients.

I'm familiar with Cott which is the largest private label bottler but as far as I know only does soft drinks, juices, sparkling waters, energy drink, etc.
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I've got a few questions,

What kind of volume are you talking about?
What jurisdiction/region are you in?
What percentage alcohol by volume are you thinking this would end up as?
Would this be for personal use or as a commercial project?
If this is a commercial product, do you have access to a facility where this could be legally and safely produced?
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I saw a presentation by these folks at a trade show a couple of years ago. I know someone who used to work for these folks. A useful websearch term is "alcohol packing."
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-Volume can be as high as it needs to be.
-Jurisdiction is U.S.; if state-to-state was an issue we would go wherever it was easiest.
-ABV I would estimate is ~85 percent - it would be a cocktail of alcohol ingredients.
-This would be a commercial product.
-The point of a contract bottler would be to outsource production of the drink.
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85% ABV? That's 170 proof. That's in the realm of Everclear.
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