Milwaukee filter: looking for a relatively cheap but decent hotel that can accommodate several couples in town for a Brewers game.
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Milwaukee filter: looking for a relatively cheap but decent hotel that can accommodate several couples in town for a Brewers game.

A bunch of friends and I are going to Milwaukee for a Brewers game on Saturday, April 7. We're in Chicago, so we're going to carpool there in two cars, go to the 3:05pm game, and then probably go to a bar or two that evening. We'll drive back on Sunday afternoon.

There are three couples and one singleton in the group, so we're thinking of getting two rooms: one for two couples, one for a couple plus the single person. We were looking into suites here, but the suites only have a king and a queen, so we'd have to get two. The suites have doors, which would be nice, but not necessary. And they're probably more than we would like to spend.

Any ideas? Bonus points if the hotel has shuttle service to the Brewers game, since we don't want to drive in the city.
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Personally, I stay in LaQuinta Inns whenever I can travelling for work. They're cheap and clean; certainly "decent". I've stayed in a couple $200/night hotels in NYC, and frankly I don't see what they have offered that's four times better than the LQ. The bathrooms were sure fancy, I guess. Anyway, there's a LaQuinta just down 94 from the stadium. You could get everybody their own room for the cost of one suite over at the Metro. They'll feed you on Sunday morning, too.

I don't know if they have a shuttle to the game, but LQs will generally shuttle you to and from the airport, and when I was staying at one in the Chicago area, they were shuttling other guests to and from their workplaces every day. I don' t imagine it'd be a problem to take to a couple miles down the road and then come get you later.

Boy, I sound like a shill, but I'm just a happy LQ customer. Honestly, in about 300 nights spent in LQ inns in the past couple years, I've had exactly one problem, which was that a room smelled a bit because of over-application of Lysol or somesuch [it was a suite with a Jacuzzi in it].
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I was very impressed by the restoration that's been done at The Ambassador in downtown Milwaukee the last time I stayed there. It was inexpensive, the hotel has been restored to beautiful condition, the rooms were big, and it's probably the closest hotel to the park.
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(The Ambassador also provides extensive shuttle services and has done shuttles to Miller Park in the past, but I would recommend calling to confirm that they can provide shuttle service to the game you've got tickets for.)
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The Hotel Metro is pretty nice. If you can't find shuttle directly from a hotel, you might be able to find a bar nearby with a shuttle.
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There's a bus that has stops on Wisconsin Avenue and goes to Miller Park. Hotel Metro would be a short walk to the route, and the Ambassador would be directly on it.

I'm not sure why you don't want to drive in the city; it's a cakewalk compared to the hell that is Chicago traffic.
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Response by poster: desjardins, totally true, but we're planning on doing a fair deal of drinking and it looks like our DD might not be coming now, so we're looking for alternatives!
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I can confirm that the LQ in Brookfield is decent but I can also confirm that they don't have a stadium shuttle.
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