I need iPod touch keyboard advice.
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iPod Touch for writing/editing? What wireless keyboard and holder set-up works for you?

So I need to write and edit articles and letters that are under 1,000 words. I have a hellacious bus commute that keeps me on public transit for three hours at a time. I want to know your personal experiences using an ipod touch with a bluetooth or wireless keyboard, preferably kept in some sort of neat folding case that I can open up like a laptop. I know everyone is going to tell me get an iPad but that's not really what I'm looking for. All I like to do is write, check blog/news and listen to music. That's it. And I want it as lightweight and portable as possible, hence ipod touch plus keyboard. Just let me know if this is a realistic set-up? Thanks.
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As far as text files go, I love WriteRoom, but pretty much anything you want to use will be fine.
When it comes to Bluetooth keyboard, I'm waiting for the Jorno. Granted, it was once thought to be vapor hardware, but it looks like after numerous delays, they might actually start shipping around the end of this month.
This will be my new set up.
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i have the apple blue tooth model keyboard -


very handy though I don't have it in a case form (I keep it in a bag that goes in my purse).

For holding the device itself I use:




But I usually have access to a table when I type, haven't tried to do a folding case with prop for the device itself. Or I don't care and just leave it in my pocket, typing on a keyboard on my lap. You get used to the looks.

Since I write for other spaces and hate fiddling on the small screen, I just drop it in the notes function and email it to myself automagically.
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I have an android phone with a slide out keyboard. It's a very nice phone in general (htc desire z) but I got it intending to be able to edit text on the go, and honestly it sucks for doing that (as just about every phone/tablet will) and I barely ever use the keyboard anymore.

Part of it is that moving the cursor without a mouse/trackpad is always an incredibly frustrating, try-try-again experience. Part of it is the small screen and smaller text.

I've toyed with bluetooth keyboards, but honestly it just won't do. You have to worry about how secure the device itself is and how it is propped up. And then you also have to worry about not having your keyboard sliding all over. So that's three items you're juggling around now: device, dock, keyboard. And you don't get a mouse/trackpad for all of this effort.

If you're on the go, and you need to write, nothing will ever beat a simple netbook. I'm cutting my losses and going with the thinkpad x120e/x130e (also looked at the hp dm1z, and acer aspire one), which is cheaper than an ipad/tablet even, and far more functional when it comes to typing. And a far better selection of word processors. And better file organization, etc. etc. etc.
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I forgot to ask: So you have a three hour one way commute? Do you also come back the same way? How much of this time are you planning on using the keyboard?

Also don't forget the low tech option: pen and paper on the bus and type it up when you get home.
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Apple bluetooth keyboard and a Wingstand (fits and iphone so should fit an ipod touch). I use a Wingstand with an iphone 4s and ipad and it works a treat. Just don't try to pick it all up the way you would a laptop!
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