Who can fix my pics?
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Does anyone know a reliable service to touch up digital pictures?

I've got some digital pictures of people at a family event that I'd like to print and frame. My problem is that our complexions look blotchy, and some stranger is in the back of one of them. A few of them would look better if they could be lightened. I have no expertise in photo editing software, and I'd really like these to be done right.

Can anyone recommend a service that could fix these for me? How much could I expect to pay?

I am in New York City (Manhattan) but since it's all digital, a service over the internet would be just fine.
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Download Paint.net or the Gimp and use Google to find step by step instructions on how to touch up the photos. Make sure you are working with copies of the originals so that you can give up later and pay someone if it comes to that. But really, it's not that difficult and there are plenty of guides online on how to use various image editing tools to touch up photos.

That said, anybody competent with Photoshop can do it. Post it in Metafilter Jobs.
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I am a very competent photo retouched. Memail me for a sweet mefi deal. ;)
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"retouched" (autocorrect Herr)
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retoucher. I am a far less competent iPhone user, apparently.
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Feel free to Memail me as well. I've done a TON of retouching and would love to help.
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