We need a painting of Elric ASAP
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We need a painting or inked picture of Elric of Melnibone yesterday. Are there good options for finding artists besides DeviantArt?

A commissioned cover for my metal band's new album fell through. We have a deadline and need to find an artist within the next couple of days. What are other options, besides DeviantArt, to find a painting or inked drawing of Elric of Melnibone (or, y'know, some awesome dude with a sword and such) that we can license ASAP?

FWIW we would prefer a more 70s fantasy novel cover art feel and less of a JRPG beautiful elf prince feel.
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I think that Deviant Art would be a great way to go for two reasons: you get a great cover and a young artist gets published and publicity.

Barring that, you may have to wade through a Google image search, find something similar, go to the page where the image is hosted and see if it's just a hot link, a steal or an actual artist who might be open for commission.

The first may be a LOT easier and more beneficial and time saving than the second.
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is there a reason you don't want to use deviantart?
Here is a place with artwork available for licensing
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I've owned various copies of the Elric books over the years and my favorite covers were always the ones by Robert Gould (I particularly like the second to last image here). I'm not sure if he owns the rights to those images but I suppose you could contact him through his website.
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Oh, we are looking at deviant art closely, we just didn't know any other resources, and I wanted to make sure we weren't missing anything.
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redbubble might turn your crank. Most of the artists with portfolios there are open to commissions.
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