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please fill in the fuzzy bits : a notable person [artist? | film director? | writer? ] survives a [brain injury? | virus?] and subsequently perceives all experiences and imagined futures as occurring in the present, he becomes a public speaker sharing how his unique perspective can free us from fear. I think the hive will post a youtube or ted link in under 45 seconds.
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Clive Wearing
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Now with YouTube link.
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You aren't thinking of Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse Five, are you?
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Response by poster: b33j, good link, but not actually the person I'm looking for.
The person I am looking for can create new memories, but perceives those memories, all of them as happening now, he has no sense of past and future.
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Response by poster: not billy pilgrim, no a real person, all his memories seem to be happening right now to him in a kind of sonic boom of everything ever all at once.

he's recently had some internet prominence, probably turn out to be right here on mefi.
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Jon Sarkin? "Jon is unable to see the world as a whole, and unable to ignore it in its infinite detail. There are no filters, no chance for his brain to slow everything down and order the world into meaningful images and scenes."

Here's a Fresh Air story.
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It's not really the same as your description, but are you perhaps thinking of patient KC? He suffers from severe impairment of his autonoetic consciousness, and as such lacks the ability to mentally place himself in the past, in the future, or in counterfactual situations.
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Response by poster: No the person I trying to find has memory, and can imagine the future, but it doesn't feel like the future or the past. But he feels no sense of distance from the past, it feels immediately present
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Sounds like a combination of Ace Ventura director Tom Shadyac, who's post-concussion syndrome led to a documentary about, like, deep stuff, and New Age guru Eckhart Tolle, who claims to have had a life changing transformation and wrote the best-sellers The Power of Now and A New Earth.
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Response by poster: Tom Shadyac might be it, but his wikipedia entry is a lot more woo-woo and less oliver sacks than I was expecting. Thank you teekat
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Response by poster: no don't think tom shadyac is it either but its so close that I am doubting my own memory
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Neither a "he" nor an artist, but how about neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor? (See three previous posts.)
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