What is this song?
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Extremely vague song description: I heard a woman playing acoustic guitar in Boston at South Station tonight. She was playing a fairly famous song from the 60's or 70's. The song is sung by a male with a deep scratchy voice, like hungover whiskey voice. He is singing powerfully and it is a powerful song. Not a happy song. It's a singer's song, not so much about the music. The song is definitely famous enough, but not something you would regularly hear, or hear at all on a classic rock radio station. I picture the man singing it to have a lot of facial hair. The lyrics may contain the word 'fire' or they may not.
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Is Fire and Rain too obvious?
posted by Snarl Furillo at 9:00 PM on March 8, 2012

The needle and the damage done. EVERYBODY plays it.
posted by modernserf at 9:02 PM on March 8, 2012

Video. I must have heard a dozen MBTA performers do this song.
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Who by fire? by leonard cohen?

after the mindblowing assist from sonny rollins! who could resist that sh*t!
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Not Neil Young. Despite not being born in either of those decades I am fairly well versed in classic rock and Neil Young would be way too obvious.
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Could it have been I'm on Fire, by Bruuuuuuce?

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I know there was a 70s version of the Pointer Sisters' Fire by a guy, but can't find that version.
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Well that sure sounds like a description of Tom Waits voice.
Come on up to the House, has fire in the lyric.

Harry Nillson: Jump into the fire
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Maybe not scratchy enough, but something by Gordon Lightfoot?
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Hoyt Aston Flash of Fire?
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Another vote for Tom Waits. You could start by checking out songs from Asylum Years. From these I might guess "Kentucky Avenue" which has a verse about burning down a house.
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How Do You Do? is probably too happy to be the song you heard, but your description of a hairy guy with a scratchy voice reminded me of the singer here.
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Maybe Sunday Morning Coming Down?
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pH Indicating Socks: That was also Bruce Springsteen; he actually wrote it.
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I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen came instantly to mind after reading your description, except that as far as I know, its from the 80s.
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And I've just noticed it was mentioned a little way up. D'oh!
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Cat Stevens has a beard.
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Ring of Fire?
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Fire on the mountain. Jerry was hairy.
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The Pointer Sisters' Fire was a Springsteen cover.
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The Heather Nova version of 'I'm On Fire'?
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The Doors, Light My Fire?
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Joe Cocker fits the scratchy, powerful, famous-in-the-60s and hairy parts. As for the song, maybe Love is Alive?
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How bout Bob Seger?
Fire Down Below
Fire Inside
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Something by Kris Kristopherson? (may have misspelled the last name)
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No facial hair, but This Wheel's on Fire by Bob Dylan?
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