Need suggestions for music discovery
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Music discovery filter: Is there available online (like a service) or an app which will help me find other artists/songs based on ones I already like? I'm thinking of something like iTunes' Genius but which (hopefully) works better. Too often Genius is unable to return any suggestions, perhaps because my tastes are too weird. Even something that would return 2 or 3 artists or songs would be helpful.
posted by Rad_Boy to Computers & Internet (14 answers total) 15 users marked this as a favorite is great for this.
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Pandora and Last.FM.
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I keep reading your question to see if you ruled out Pandora, but you haven't, so there you go.

Also,, where there are quite a few MetaFilter members on board already.
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It sounds like you are looking more for a list than having to actually listen to get recommendations?

Either way, Pandora for sure. it's so great and goes miles deeper than any other service in terms of obscure artists. It's amazing. And besides just listening, you can visit the artist pages which I believe list similar artists AND tell you what people who are listening to that artist are also listening to.
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Stereo Mood They might not be exactly what your looking for but Stereomood and Musicovery are pretty good more based on tempo and mood but still useful.
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Pandora is awesome, as is Musicovery.

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Not perfect, and not just music, but check out TasteKid
posted by pupdog at 4:59 PM on March 8, 2012 (global network of dreams) is the one I used to use a lot. It's not quite as good as pandora, but it allows you to search without listening.

also the interface is pretty cool
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The Instant Playlist feature on the We Are Hunted app on Spotify has introduced me to a lot of good music lately. I can't vouch for the web site.
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Pandora and
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Spotify added spotify radio recently which does this, as well. I found a lot of good stuff that way, and I think it has more selection than Pandora does. is good, too, but you're basically depending on the people DJing being decent.
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If you have an iDevice, I recommend Discovr music Free From Itunes

It works a bit like the web service gnoosic, but allows you to hear snippets of artists, and also purchase thier music (via itunes) direct from the App, or just store a library of their music and make a (limited playlist).

Happy mucis hunting.
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Coming in late on this, but there's also TuneGlue.
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